Prof Wu’s Chronological Biographic Sketch

Year Events
 1924 Born in Chekiang, China  (Oct. 28,1924)
 1945 BS in Financial Administration, Jiao-Tong University, Shanghai
 1945 Accountant, Hsing Hua Bank, Shanghai
 1948 Taiwan Railroad station master in Taipei
 1954 Arrival in Portland, Oregon, after 28-day ocean crossing
 1956 MBA in Transportation, Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania
 1956 Instructor, Mechanical Engineering, University of Wisconsin-Madison


He also earned his tuition as summer kitchen worker and locker-boy at Elmhurst Country Club

 1958BS in Mechanical Engineering, University of Wisconsin-Madison
 1959Marriage to Daisy Te-Hsien Tsui
 1961Birth of Benjamin Wu
 1962 Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering, UW-M
 1962 Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering, UW-M
 1963 Birth of Elaine Wu
 1965 Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering and Statistics
 1966 Establishment of the Production Engineering Division at UW-M, 1st division chairman
 1967 Development of the Dynamic Data System
 1968 Professor of Mechanical Engineering and Statistics
 1968 Charles J. Jennings Memorial Award, AWS


Blackall Machine Tool and Gage Award, ASME

 1970 Invited lecturer at the Toyal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden, and ETH, Zurich, Switzerland
 1971 Instrumental in establishment of the North America Manufacturing Research Conference


(The 1994 NAMRC was dedicated to Professor Wu)

 1972- Application of personal teaching philosophy to engineering statistics courses. I.e., start from real applications, problems and tools needed, then process to theory
 1972-73 Personal visits to nearly every engineering campus in all 50 states.  These visits provided information on the “flavor” of a school, and enabled Prof Wu to better evaluate potential students and help  place PhD graduates
 1974 Society of Manufacturing Engineers National Education Award
 1975 Fulbright-Hays Distinguished Professorship at the University of Zagreb and the University of Lublijana, Yugoslavia
 1976 First visit in 20 years to the People’s Republic of China (PRC)
 1977 University of Wisconsin Amoco Distinguished Teaching Award
 1978 Development of the Precision Machining without Precision Machining Theory
 1979 First production engineering delegation to the PRC. Led by Professor S.M. Wu Springer Visiting Professorship, University of California-Berkeley
 1981 Research Professor of Mechanical Engineering with 40 researchers in his group
 1981 Charles Russ Richars Award, ASME and P. Tau Sigma
 1982 Elected member, Academia Sinica, Taiwan
 1983 Fellow of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers
 1983 Coauthored book: Time-series and systems analysis with applications by S.M.Pandit and S.M. Wu
 1986 Appointed J. Reid and Polly Anderson Professor of Manufacturing Technology, University of Michigan, College of Engineering
 1986 Fellow of the Society of Manufacturing Engineers
 1987 Establishment of the Manufacturing Research Laboratory at Michigan
 1988 Fulbright-Hays Distinguished Professorship in the U.S.S.R
 1989 Initiation of extensive work in auto industry, following decades of successful collaborations with paper mills, machine tools, and various other manufacturing industries
 1990 Establishment of a National Science Foundation Industry/University Cooperative Research Center at Michigan; first center director
 1991 First recipient of the Chiang Technology Achievement Award (The Chinese “Nobel Prize” in Manufacturing Engineering). Professor and Mrs. Wu donated the Award’s$100,000 stipend to the College of Engineering, establishing an endowed fund that helps support manufacturing engineering students and their research.
 1992University of Michigan Distinguished Faculty Achievement Award
 1992 Passed away on Oct. 28, 1992