Prof S.M. Wu’s Students

M.S. Students Supervised

 # Name Grad Yr  Thesis Title
 1 Patel, R.A.   1964 Study of the Distribution of the Relative Range by Simulation
 2 Gandhi, N.N.  1964 Simulation and Engineering Application of t-Distribution
 3 Bhatt, P.I.  1964 Investigation of Cutting Tool Temperature and Crater Wear Development of Carbide Tool
 4 Jain, S. C.  1965 General Solution of Duncan’s Model of Economic Design of an X-Chart
 5 Remer, L.P.  1965 Optimization of a Linearzed Form of a Cutting Tool Temperature Equation
 6 Stegner, D.A.  1965 Prediction of Heat Input and Physical Properties in Arc Welding
 7 Zimmerly, R.D.  1966 Automatic Feedback Control for Maintaining Constant Cutting-Tool Temperature
 8 Janardhanan, T.K.  1968 Characterization of Mine Waste Tailings in Southwestern Wisconsin
 9 Sauson, L.  1968 Effects of Imposed Magnetic Field on Tungsten Inert Gas (TIG) Welding
 10 Ho, S.C.  1969 An Application of Discrete Feedback Control Scheme to Papermaking Process
 11 Seth, M.  1969 Games in Statistical Experiment Design
 12 Dahl, W.  1970 Stability Analysis of the NATO 40 mm L/70 Anti-aircraft Gun
 13 Jackson, C.A.  1971 Evaluation of the Electric Noise Characteristic of the Garter Spring Pickup Device
 14 Patel, R.R.  1971 The Effect of Molding Condition on Cooling Time in Injection Molding Process
 15 Kang, S.W.  1973 Hydrostatic Transmission for Power Split Drives on Automobiles
 16 Liu, T.  1973 Noise Reduction of Circular Saws by Nonlinear Least Squares Estimates
 17 Hashemi, N.  1976 Dynamic Behavior and Control of Blast Furnace Via Time Series Approach
 18 Shuai, A.R.N.  1976 Dynamic Performance Evaluation of New Milling Machine Dynamiomenter Using the DDS Methodology
 19 Ewumi, J.O.  1977 Identification and Analysis of Simple and Complex Multimodel Mechanical Systems Using Time Series Approach
 20 Gerlitz, F.  1978 Time Series Modeling Analysis of the Electroencephalogram
 21 Tobin, T.  1978 Signature Analysis for On-line Monitoring of Electric Motor Operation via Dynamic Data System Methodology.
 22 Madhok, P.  1978 Modeling and Forecasting Sales Data by Time Series Analysis
 23 Yang, J.C.  1978 On-line System Identification of Control Turrent Servomechanism XM-197
 24 Ma, A.C.  1978 Automatic Optimal Control of Recoil Mechanisms
 25 Sikata, H.  1979 Evaluation of Drill Performance via Dynamic Data System Methodology
 26 Kunpanitchakit, C.  1979 Modeling and Forecasting of Maneuvering Tank Position for Gun Fire Control
 27 Collins, J.F.  1979 Analysis of Roundness Errors in Cylindrical Grinding Using the Dynamic Data System Methodology
 28 Skwor, E.P.  1980 BoringBar Performance Analysis for On-line Monitoring of Product Accuracy
 29 Polo-Amo, L.M.  1980 Applications of Dynamic Data System to Long-term Forecast of Wolf’s Monthly Average Sunspot Numbers
 30 Ouyang, M.S.  1980 On-line BWR Stability Analysis via Dynamic Data System Methodology
 31 Zand, M.H.  1980 Axial Mode System Identification of a TMP Laboratory Refiner
 32 Sun, H.A.  1980 Characteristic Analysis of Boring Process
 33 Kawlra, R.K.  1980 On the Grinding of Twist Drill Flutes
 34 Lee, S.J.  1980 On-line Monitoring and Optimizaing Hole Quality on DrillingGraphite/Epoxy Composite
 35 Golestaani, M.R.  1980 Computerized Drill Point Measureemnt and Modeling
 36 Allias, B.  1980 Application of Dynamic Data System to Effect of Gun Tube Conditions upon the Dyamics of a Firing Process
 37 Ahn, T.Y.  1980 Investigations of 20 mm Link: M14A2
 38 Rubin, S.Z.A  1980 Seven Axes Computer Controlled Drill Point Grinder
 39 Balkrishnan, P.  1980 Investigation of the Characteristics of Cutting Process Dynamics in Turning
 40 Christensen, D.  1981 Feasibility Study of On-line Surface Finish Prediction in Boring Operations
 41 McDunn, T.  1981 Drill Wear Monitoring
 42 Mendoza, M.  1981 New Tool Design for Better Quality Surface on Honeycomb and Solid Aluminum
 43 Wong, T.L.  1981 Investigation of Delamination in Drilling Composite Material
 44 Mayslich, M.  1982 Application of Dynamic Data System to Fast Neutron Power Reactor Phenix Identification
 45 Reitter, T.  1982 Power Consumption Mesurement and Evaluation of Mechanical Wood Pulp Refiners
 46 Djordjevic, Z.  1982 An Experimental Study of the Grinding of Twist Drill Flutes
 47 Yieh, T.W.  1982 Feasibility Study of Mechanical Clamping Actuator
 48 Evers, M.S.  1982 Feasibility Study for On-line Drill Life Prediction and Monitoring
 49 Chatterjee, K.  1982 Automatic Drill Feeding and Discharging Mechanism for a CNC Drill Point Grinder
 50 Jou, Y.C.  1982 Computer Evaluation of Surface Topography and Its Application to 1045 Steel Grinding Surface
 51 Chuang, S.C.  1982 Comparative Assessment of Computational and Experimental Methods for Machine Tool Structure Analysis
 52 Lee, J.  1983 The Machinability Study of 4150 Barrel Steel. (w/ Ehmann)
 53 West, S.L.  1983 Criteria for Monitoring and Control of Resistance Spot Welding through Dynamic Data System (DDS) Analysis of Electrode Voltage
 54 Donahue, L.  1983 Optimum Drill Point Design for Cast Iron
 55 Mohd, M.Y.B  1983 Computer Aided Analysis of Machine Tool Spindle
 56 Hsu, G.A.  1983 Development of Mathematical Models of Twist Drill
 57 Wu, H.S.  1984 Computer-Aided Design of Gears and Gear Trains for Machine Tools
 58 Ker, M.K.  1984 On Roundness and Its Measurement
 59 Chou, K.C.  1984 The Evaluation of the Repeatability and Performance of the Cast Iron Multifacet Drill
 60 Huang, J.J.  1984 Effect of Preloading on Running Accuracy of Machine Tool Spindle
 61 Hua, M.F.  1984 Analysis of Factors Influencing Deep Hole Drilling
 62 Lin, T.Y.  1984 An OptimizationTechnique for Estimation of Multivariate Autoregressive Moving Average (MARMAV) Model Paramters
 63 Sha, J.  1984 Simulation Study of Optimum Control for a Rocker System
 64 Shih, N.C.  1985 A Stability Analysis of a Machine Tool by the Dynamic Data System
 65 Hsiau, J.S.  1985 Computer Aided Design of Twist Drills
 66 Wen, K.P.  1986 Contour Error Compensatory Control for CNC Based Involute Gear Profile Generation
 67 Tang, Ming  1986 Computer Aided Manufacturing for Gear Grinding Using Constant Force Method
 68 Lin, Long Chin  1986 Feasibility Study of Circumferential from Measurement of Cylindrical Workpieces on a Lathe with Finite Fourier Series Method
 69 Zhang, Sanle  1986 Chatter Detection in Milling
 70 Hsiau, I-Chen  1987 On-Machine Spindle Error Motion Measurement Using ARMAV-Based Estimator
 71 Wang, Jianxu  1987 A New Measuring System for Investigating Gear Transmission Error.
 72 Wu, Wen-Yen  1987 Computer Aided Preliminary Design of Injection Molds Using Expert System Technology
 73 Hsu, Jia-Rong  1987 The Application of Computer Graphics on Multi-facet Drill
 74 Sun, Maurice X  1987 An Investigation on the Grindable Ranges and Optimum Performance of Multifacet Drills
 75 Ben Amara, Foued  1989 Feedforward Self Tuning DC Servo Drive Speed Control
 76 Jones, Steven D.  1989 Error Identification and Compensatory Techniques for Coordinate Measuring Machines
 77 Boerger, James, Jr.  1989

An Expert System Ingrating Design and Process Planning for Multi-Ribbed Pulley Systems with Design for Manufacturability Considerations

Ph.D. Students Supervised 

 # Name Grad Yr Thesis Title Employer
 1 Ermer, D.S.  1966 A Statistical and Economic Analysis of Optimum Metal-Cutting Conditions Prof., Univ. of Wisconsin-Madison
 2 DeVries, M.F.  1966 Investigation of Drill Temperature as a Drilling Performance Criterion Prof., Univ. of Wisconsin-Madison
 3 Meyer, R.N.  1967 A quantitative Analysis of Development of Carbide Tool Crater Wear 3M, Minneapolis, MN
 4 Saxena, U.K.  1968 Development of Mathematical Models for Drilling T Temperature Prof., Univ. of Wisconsin-Madison
 5 Stralkowski, C.M.  1968 Low Order Autoregressive Moving Average Stochastic Models and Their Use for Characterization of Abrasive Cutting Tools E.I. DuPont de Nemours and Company, Wilmington, DE
 6 Wang, K.K.  1968 An Analysis of the Cutting Tool Temperature Response in Face Milling Prof., Cornell University
 7 Goel, A.L.  1968 A Comparative and Economic Investigation of X and Cumulative Sum Control Charts Prof., Syracuse University
 8 Billy, A.F.  1969 An Analysis of the Weld Pool/Crater Configuration by Statistical Methods EPRI Palo Alto, CA
 9 Dalal, J.G.  1970 Operating Policies for Adaptive Quality Control and Their Application to Machine Processes Inland Steel Co, East Chicago, IL
 10 Deutsch, S.J.  1970 An Analysis of the Structure and Wear of Grinding Whells by Autoregressive Moving Average Models Prof., Georgia Institute of Technology, GA
 11 Fujii, S.  1971 Computerized Analysis of Twist Drill Point Geometry and Design of a Drill Point Grinder Prof., Kobe University, Japan
 12 Tee, L.H.  1971 Identification and Application of Low Order Time Series and Transfer Function Models Manila, Philippines
 13 DeVor, R.E.  1971 The Analysis of Surface Topography by Seasonal Autoregressive-Integrated Moving Average Models Prof. Univ. of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana
 14 Chang, T.H.  1972 Computer-Based Short-Term Forecasting for Job Manufacturing Systems Prof., Univ of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
 15 Law, S.S.  1972 Grinding Process Model Building and Analysis Dir., Bureau of Technical Personnel Training Center, Singapore
 16 Chu, B.Y.  1972 Parametric Modeling of Linear Dynamic Systems with Applications Electric Power Research Institute, Palo Alto, CA
 17 Husein, A.B.  1972 An Investigation of Crater and Flank Wear Based on Cutting Temperature and Normal Forces Ministry of Industries and Mining, Sudan
 18 Goh, A.N.  1973 Extensions and Engineering Applications of Time Series Techniques Chairman, Dept. of Industrial and Systems Engineering, Univ of Singapore, Singapore
 19 Subramanian, T.L.  1973 An Investigation of Computer Control of Chatter in Machining C.D.C., Minneapolis, MN
 20 Joglekar, A.M.  1973 Iterative Modeling of Interior Ballistics of Small Arms Honeywell, Minneapolis, MN
 21 Pandit, S.M.  1973 Data Dependent Systems: Modeling Analysis and Optimal Control via Time Series. Prof., Michigan Technical University, Houghton, MI
 22 Phadke, M.S.  1973 Multiple Time Series Modeling and System Identification with Application Bell Telephone Labs, NJ
 23 Doolan, P.  1974 Computer Design of the Unequal Blade Spacing of a Face Milling Cutter to Minimize Forced Vibration Whirlpool Co., Benton Harbor, MI
 24 Suratkar, P.T.  1974 Characterization of Surface Integrity and Investigation of Contact Area by Stochastic Process Analysis Pillsbury Company, St. Paul, MN
 25 Sy, S.H.  1974 Mechanical Management of Aquatic Vegetation: Analytical Studies of Unit Operations Potentially Useful in Processing Prof., Univ. of Manila, Manila, Philippines
 26 Steudel, H.J.  1974 Investigation of Shop Dispatching System by Multiple Time Series Analysis Prof., University of Wisconsin-Madison
 27 DeVries, W.R.  1975 Methods for Evaluating Formation and Basis Weight Stability Using Time Series Models Prof., Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, NY
 28  Burney, F.A.  1976 Identification and Analysis of Machine Tool System Dynamics under Actual Working Conditions Using Time Series Methods Prof., King Abdul Aziz University, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
 29 Dornfeld, D.A.  1976 Investigation of the Fundamentals of Mechanical Pulping Prof., University of California, Berkeley, CA
 30 Nassirpour, F.  1976 Characterization of Stochastic Surface Geometry with Applications General Motors Technical Center, Warren, MI
 31 Kapoor, S.G.  1977 A Stochastic Approach to Paper Surface Characterization and Printability Criteria Prof., University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaingn
 32 Tsai, W.D.  1977 Drill Geometry Models and Dynamics of Drilling Motorola, Chicago, IL
 33 Chow, M.C.  1977 Nuclear Reactor noise Analysis for Surveillance and System Identification via Dynamic Data System Methodology Memorex, CA
 34 Garcia-Gardea, E.  1978 Mechanical System Identification and Decomposition by Dynamic Data System Methodology Prof., Ing. Mechanical Itesn. Suc., Monterrey, Mexico
 35 Fugelso, M.A.  1978 A Microprocessor Controlled Weist Drill Grinder for Automated Drill Point Production Prof., Boston University, MA
 36 Madiwale, A.N.  1978 Spectral Analysis by Discrete and Continuous Autoregressive Moving Average Models Lincoln Laboratory, Lexington, MA
 37 Martinez, M.R.  1979 Analysis and Optimization of a Pulp Refining System RCA, Princeton, NJ
 38 Hsu, M.C.  1979 On-Line Identification of Reactor Dynamic Characteristics from Operating Data Analysis via Dynamic Data System Methodology Combustion Engineering, CT
 39 Ehmann, K.F.  1979 Machine Tool System Identification and forecasting Control of Chatter Northwestern University, IL
 40 Ungpiaykul, T.  1979 Continous Time Series Modling with Applications Kimberly and Clark Paper Inc., Neenah, WI
 41 Liao, Y.S.  1980 System Identification by Dynamic Data System and Its Application to KAMYR Continous Digester Pulping Process National Taiwan University, Taiwan, R.O.C.
 42 Shuaib, A.  1980 Computer Evaluation of Surface Topography (CEST) and Applications to Sheet Steel Finishing Processes University of Petroleum and Minerals,Dhahran, Saudi Arabia
 43 Rao, S.B.  1980 Compensatory Control of Form Errors in Machining Dir of Eng, Nat’l Broach and Machine, Mt. Clemens, MI
 44 Radhakrishnan, T.  1980 Drill Point Geometry Optimization and On-line Monitoring of Drill Condition Villanova University, PA
 45 Owusu-ofori, S.P.  1981 On-line Monitoring and Evaluation of Zinc-Phospated Surface Topography and Its Applications in Paintability and Weldability  
 46 Garzon, G.  1981 Performance, Evaluation and Analysis of a Mechanical Pulp Refiner Eastman Kodak, Rochester, NY
 47 Chiang, S.  1981 Fast Breeder Reactor On-Line Monitoring and Diagnosis Strategy Development via DDS Methodology EBASCO, New York, NY
 48 Kunpanitchakit, C.  1982 Further Investigation of DDS Modeling Strategy by Simulation Thailand
 49 Kim, K.J.  1982 Mechanical Structure Modal Analysisby Danamic Data System (DDS) Methodology (w/ Ehmann) KAIST, Korea
 50 Ouyang, M.  1982 Boiling Water Reactor Stability Analysis by Stochastic Transfer Function Identification Tsing Hua University, Taiwan
 51 Ahn, T.Y.  1982 Dynamic Cutting Process Identification by Dynamic Data System (DDS) Models (w/ Ehmann) A.D.D., Korea
 52 Horng, S.Y.  1982 Development of an End Effector for Robotic Drilling with On-line Sensing and Diagonosis Western Electric, NJ
 53 Zand, M.H.  1982 Microprocessor Control of a Mechanical Pulp Refiner California State University- Sacremento, CA
 54 Yuan, J.X.  1983 Identification of the Machine Tool Structural Parameters by Dynamic Data System (DDS) and Finite Element Method Dalian Institute of Technology, PRC
 55 Kim, K.H.  1983 Forecasting Compensatory control of Roundness in Cylindrical Grinding (w/ Ehmann) Youngnan University, Korea
 56 Tsai, S.Y.  1983 On-line Identification and Control of Maching Chatter in Turning Through Dynamic Data System Methodology MIRL, ITRI, Taiwa, ROC
 57 Pandelidis, I.O.  1983 Fast Ar and ARMA Modeling and Spectrum Anlysis University of Maryland, MD
 58 Bandyopadhyay, P.  1983 On-line Drill Life Monitoring via Dynamic Data System Methodology GM Technical Center, Warren, MI
 59 Moon, E.J.  1984 Forecasting Compenstory Control of Machining Straightness (w/ Ehmann) A.D.D., Korea
 60 Lai, H.Y.  1984 Development of Nonlinear Dynamic Data System (NLDDS) for On-line Machining Vibratory System Characterization North Carolina A and T University, NC
 61 Shin, Y.C.  1984 Dynamic Analysis of the Machine Tool System (w/ Ehmann) GM Technical Center, Warren, MI
 62 Huang, K.  1984 Forecasting Compensatory Control of Roundness in Boring MIRL, ITRI, Taiwan, ROC
 63 Hsieh, S.H.  1985 Stochastic Threshold Modeling for Linear and Non-Linear System Monitoring and Diagnosis GM, Warren, MI
 64 Shiou, C.H.  1985 Dynamic Trajectory Planning and Self-Tuning Adaptive Control Design for Industrial Robots Ford Motor Company, Dearborn, Mi
 65 Lee, S.H.  1985 Trajectory Control in the World Coordinate System by an Adaptive Forecasting Algorithm (w/ Ehmann) University of Wisconsin_Milwaukee
 66 Stephenson, D.A.  1985 Computer Prediction of the Mechanical Outputs of Three-Dimensional Turning and Drilling GM Technical Center, Warren, MI
 67 Kim, Kyuil  1985 Forecasting Compensatory Control of Cylindricity in Contour Boring Operations (w/ Ehmann) University of Illinois-Chicago,IL
 68 Kim, T.R.  1985 Dynamic Analysis of Tool-Holder Systems (w/ Ehmann) Energy commission, Seoul, Korea
 69 Lee, S.J.  1985 The Influence of Drill Characteristics and Entry Mechanisms on Drilling Performance (w/ Ehmann) Yoensei University, Seoul, Koera
 70 Lee, A.C.  1986 Nonlinear Dynamic Data System: Further Development and Applications Jiao-Tung University, Taiwan
 71 Tansel, I.N.  1986 On-line Identification and Stability Analysis of Three-Dimensional Cutting (w/ Ehmann) Tufts University, Medford, MA
 72 Lee, Y.S.  1986 Algorithmic Approach of Parameter Optimization in Flexible Manufacturing Systems Ingersoll Milling Company, Rockford, IL
 73 Su, Y.T.  1986 Nonlinear Time Series Model Development and Application in Control Chung San University, Taiwan
 74 Lee, J.W.  1986 Computer Aided Design for Optimal Drill Geometry Daiwoo Heavy Ind., Korea
 75 Park, C.W.  1986 Forecasting Compensatory Control in Machinging Features (w/ Ehmann) Self-employed
 76 Cho, D.W.  1986 A New Multi-Input Modal Analysis and Three-Dimensional Cutting Dynamics Identification Method Applied to Milling Operation (w/ Ehmann) Pohang Polytechnic, Korea
 77 Fassois, Spilois  1986 Fast ARMA Modeling with Applications University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI
 78 Sun, Houng  1986 Precision Gear Grinding Using Self-Learning Control Strategy MIRL, ITRI, Taiwan
 79 Chen, Yubao  1986 Dynamic Analysis and Diagnostic Monitoring for High Speed Spindle-Bearing Structures University of Michigan, Dearborn, MI
 80 Your, Shiarng-Bin  1986 Precision Control on the Winchester Disc Flatness in Face-Turning Operations CA
 81 Li, Ching  1986 On-line Bearing Condition Monitoring by Pattern Recognition and Matched Filtering Columbia University, NY
 82 Wang, Yuan-Chuan  1987 Complex Piston Contour Machinging Using the Digital CAM System ITRI, Taiwan
 83 Li, Peigen  1987 Development of an Expert System for Multifacet Drills Huachung University of Technology, Wuhan, China
 84 Fuh, K.H.  1987 Computer Aided Design and
Manufacture for Multifacet Drills
Tatung University, Taiwan
 85 Bose, A. Subhash C.  1987 Adaptive Trajectory
Planning for Industrial Robots
Wright State University
 86 Kim, Hee-Sool  1987 Milling Dynamics in a
Closed-Loop System
Yeungnam University, Korea
 87 Huang, Jenn Tsai  1987 On-line Self-Tuning
Adaptive Control for Industrial Robots
University of Louissana, LA
 88 Liang, Enju  1987 Computer Integration for
Multifacet Drill Grinding
New Orlean, LA
 89 Kim, Jongwon  1987  Adaptive Robust
Servocontroller Design for Feedrate Maximization of Machining Processes
Dawwoo Heavy Industries LTD, Korea
 90 Kong, Xiang Liu  1987 Gear Train Monitoring by
Transmission Error Method
Xi’an Jiao Tong University, China
 91 Ni, Jun  1987 Study on On-Line Identification
and Forecasting Compensatory Control of Volumetric Errors for Multiple Axis
Machine Tools
University of Michigan, MI
 92 Ma, Quan-He  1987 Development of a
Model-Based Vision System for Drill Quality Control in CIM
 93 Hsu, Pau-Lo P.  1987 On-Line Monitoring of
Milling Cutting Tool Condition
ChiaoTong University, Taiwan
 94 Liu, Tien-I  1987 Development of Multifacet
Drills for Crankshafts and On-Line Drill Wear Monitoring
State University of California, Sacramental, CA
 95 Yao, Yi-Xin  1987 Adaptive Force Control and
Stochastic Modeling of Robotic Manipulators for Tape-Laying System
University of Tulsa, OK
 96 Le, Sanh  1987 Active Vibration
Suppression for Robotic Manipulators
 97 Bahrololoumi, B.  1987 Design of an Optical Sensor
System for Adaptive Control of a Seam Tracking Robot
Wichita University, KN
 98 Bray, Dennis  1988 Drill Condition Monitoring through the Use of an Intelligent Tool Sensor Ingersoll Milling Machine Company
 99 Du, Ruxu  1989 Intelligent On-line Monitoring and Diagnostic Methods for Manufacturing Processes McMaster University, Canada
 100 Sha, Jilun  1989 Monitoring, Diagnosis and Control of Tapping Process University of Michigan, MI
 101 Darenfeld, Salah  1989 Self-Organizing Polynomial Networks for Identification and Diagnosis of Maching Operations University of N. Brunswick, Canada
 102 Rice, James Allen  1989 On the Feasibility of Catastrophic Cutting Tool Fracture Prediction Via Acoustic Emmission Signal Path Invariant Analysis University of Illinois-Chicago
 103 Wang, Yang  1990 Computer Graphics Presentation of Drilling Operations GE
 104 Gerlitz, Frank  1990 In-Process Forecasting Compensation Control of Machining Center Volumetric Error Including Workpiece Inspection  
 105 Hwang, Yoha  1990 Experimental Modal Analysis, DDS System Identification, and Forecasting Compensatory Control of a Color Laser Printer  
 106 Hu, Shixin  1990 Impact of 100% Measurement Data on Statistical Process Control (SPC) in Automobile Body Assembly  
 107 Wang, Wei-Wu  1991 Accuracy Analysis of an In-line Optical Coordinate Measuring Machine (IOCMM)  
 108 Chen, Jeng-Shyong  1991 Real-Time Compensation of Tim-Variant Volumetric Error on  a Machining Center National Chung Cheng University, Taiwan
 109 Chen, Yudong  1991 Free Form Curve and Surface Measurement, Modeling and Machining Perceptron, Inc
 110 Wu, Shing-Kuo  1991 A Methodology for Optimal Door Fit in Automobile Body Manufacturing  
 111 Lu, Engelbert  1991 Improvement of CMM Throughput Using Path Planning, Dynamic Lobing Error Compensation, and Structural Vibration Control GM
 112 Wu, Tay-Chang  1991 The Accuracy Analysis and Improvement of the Coordinate Measuring Machine with On-line Geometric Error Measurement System Yu Tien MotorCompany, Taiwan
 113 Shi, Jianjun  1991 On-line Dynamic Data System Modeling and Generalized Forecasting Compensatory Control with Applications University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI
 114 Fan, Hua-Tzu  1991 Next Generation Quality Control-A Model-Based Approach with Applications to Automotive Painting Process  Rockwell International


 Post-Doctorates Supervised


# Name Year Employer
1 Belkevitch, B.A. 1965-66 Assistant Professor, Mechanical Engineering Department, Byelorussian Politechnical Institute, Minsk, USSR. (w/ Lindberg)
2 Iwata, K. 1966-67 Professor & Chairman, Production Engineering Department, Kobe University.
3 Razdobreev, A.K. 1971-72 Komsemolsk-on-the-amur Polytechnic, USSR.
4 Friedman, M. 1972-73 Technion, Haifa, Israel.
5 Negeshi, H. 1973-74 University of Tokyo, Mitsubishi Company, Japan. Honorable Fellow.
6 Pandit, S.M. 1975-76 Professor, Michigan Technical University.
7 DeVries, W.R. 1975-76 Associate Professor, R.P.I., New York.
8 Burney, F.A. 1976 Associate Professor, University of Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.
9 Hayashi, S. 1976-77 Assistant Professor, Yonago Technical College, Japan.
10 Suen, L.C. 1977 Notre Dame University.
11 Huang, H. 1977 Professor, National Taiwan University.
12 Kapoor, S.G. 1977-79 Associate Professor, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.
13 Tsai, W.D. 1977-78 Motorola, Chicago, Illinois.
14 Chow, M.C. 1978-79 Memorax, California.
15 Hsu, M.C. 1979 Combustion Engineering, Connecticut, 1979.
16 Eman, K. 1979 Associate Professor, Northwestern University, Illinois.
17 Ungpiyakul, T. 1979 Kimberly-Clark Corporation, Neenah, Wisconsin.
18 Liao, Y.S. 1980 Associate Professor, National Taiwan University, Taiwan, ROC.
19 Rao, S. 1980 Director of Engineering, National Broach & Machine, Mt. Clemens, MI.
20 Radhakrishnan, T. 1980 Assistant Professor, University of Rhode Island.
21 Chladil, J. 1982 Assistant Professor, BRNO University, Czechoslovakia.
22 Maca, J. 1982 Assistant Professor, Zilna University, Czechoslovakia.
23 Anlagen, O. 1983-85 Assistant Professor, Middle East Technical University, Istanbul, Turkey.
24 Spiewak, S. 1984-1985 University of Birmingham, U.K. and Wausaw Technical University.
25 Varro,T. 1985 Head of Department, HAFE; Budapest Hungary.
26 Kovacevic, R. 1986 Associate Professor, University of Titograd, Yugoslavia.
27 Gasparik, Lubo’s 1986 Assistant Professor, University of Zilina, Czechoslovakia.
28 Chen, Yubao 1987- Research Fellow, Xi-An Jiao Tong University, Xi-An, P.R.C.
29 Ni, Jun 1987- Research Fellow, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Shanghai, P.R.C.
30 Sha, Jilun 1989- Research Fellow, University of Michigan
31 Hu, Shixin 1990- Research Fellow, University of Michigan