Take U.S. 23 to Exit 41
(Plymouth Road).

Go west on Plymouth Road to Murfin Street and turn
left. After you cross Hayward Street, turn left into the
Pierpont Commons Parking Lot (metered parking).

The Dow building is just a 1-minute walk northeast
from the Pierpont Commons parking lot. A map is available
near the northeast corner of the Pierpont Commons

Enter the door of Dow that is nearest the bell tower,
just left of the large white artistic structure.
Once you are through the entryway, bear slightly to your
right and proceed into the “downhill”

At the end of the “downhill” corridor, jog
left then right, to reach the offices of the S.M. Wu
Manufacturing Research Center.

Feel free to go directly to the office of the person
you want to see. If you don’t know the office number, our
receptionist, Karina Baylor, can help.

General North Campus map

Detailed North Campus map