Other People’s Commendations

John F. Kennedy once said that ‘A nation reveals itself not only by the men it produces but also by the men it honors, the men it remembers’.  If these words are true, and I think that they are, what do we reveal about ourselves today as we honor and remember Professor Sam Wu?

First let us reveal ourselves as honest. For it was not this nation that produced Sam Wu, but China.  He was born there, and it was there that he began his education.

Yet,  because Sam Wu lived and worked in this country for nearly 40 years, we have claimed him as our own.  Indeed, we did more than claim Sam Wu.  We embraced him We did this because he embraced us with a gift.  Sam Wu’s gift-indeed, his genius–was his vision for how men should make things.  And he gave it to the entire world of manufacturing.”

-Robert A. Lutz

“Professor Wu was a man of vision, dedication and perseverance… and received the same dedication from his students.  His life and accomplishments were unique, and should serve as a model to every one of us. “

-Jun Ni

“What makes a professor’s professor? Being a renowned teacher, a gifted mentor to all students, a respected researcher, a wise counselor to colleagues, and a national and international lecturer.  Overall, being an eminent educator with very clear and consistent long-term goals, and with the unique ability to state clearly the objectives of any new undertaking in teaching, research or publications.  Professor Shien-Ming Wu was such a person and in many ways without equal as a scholar’s scholar.”

-Donald S. Ermer

“…he is a ‘teacher’ who helps young minds grow… any honor accorded to Professor Wu would be insufficient if it does not recognize him as a great teacher in the tradition of Plato and Aristotle.”

-R. Patel

“Professor Wu, who without a question remains one of the people who influenced my life the most… My deep admiration and gratitude for on fine man and great teacher.”

-Bob Zimmerlv

“… he gained respect and love of his students. Sam Wu is by far the finest teacher I have ever had and one of the finest persons that I have known.”

-Craig Jackson